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Iran – dec 2006 – I spent about 3 weeks in this country with my friend Peter. We have been in the city of Shiraz which is very close to big salt lake and also to the cradle of Persian civilization Persepolis. It was nice to be there. Khoda hafez chicken kebab.
Gunmen Solitude The Wall
Tiling forever
Stone (persepolis)
Lights Bus
Me and lot of salt Tires and lot of salt Fly free fly 3 Watertank
Italy – I’m living and working in Milan since December 2005. Here are some pictures from the places I visited with my wife and/or friends. I love pizza!!! cazzo e incredibile!
Window Trainstation (Milan)
Storm (Milan)
Sunrise (Milan)
Reflections (Milan)
Stazione Centrale (Milan) Duomo (Milan) Heritage (Milan)
Burned car I. (Milan)
Police I. (Milan)
Police II. (Milan)
Burned car II. (Milan)
Window (Venice)
Old paint (Venice) Mask (Venice) Orange house (Venice)
Cinque terra I. Cinque terra II. Afternoon at beach I. Afternoon at beach II.
Bulgaria – Some pictures from my vacation in Bulgaria in summer 2005.
Rock and metal Ship and wood Beach Sidewalk
Slovakia and Czech republic – pictures I took during my studies at university of technology at Brno.
Railyard I. (Ceska Trebova ’04) Railyard II. (Ceska Trebova ’04) Railyard III. (Malomerice ’04) Train I.(Malomerice ’04)
Train II.(Malomerice ’04) Platfrom (Ceska trebova ’04) Railyard III. (Zajeci ’05) Train I.(Uvrat ’06)
Czech cowboy.(Trebovice ’05) Ramstein (Trebovice ’05) Cat I.(Stare mesto pod Snez. ’04) Cat II.(Stare mesto pod Snez. ’04)
Drops (Bratislava ’05) Rose (Bratislava ’05) It’s cold she’s hot (Bratislava ’05) Frames (Bratislava ’06)
Dumbier (Low Tatras ’04) Winter (Hlinik ’04) View from my home (Hlinik ’06) Mushrooms (Podbrezova ’06)