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Making of…

Here you can find links to all project overviews that I wrote in the past. Some of them are relatively old so it is possible that you can find some funny part in there. Anyway I read them all again and I can more or less agree with everything I wrote there for now. I work mainly with 3dsmax but I think that some information could be useful also for users of any other 3dpackages. So I wish you happy reading and if you have any problems feel free to contact me via email.

Wasteland Fortunes

Her Eventual Hesitation

Autumn at Relay Outpost 17

Retrun to Prime Even

Roofs, Rocket and Adventures Beyond

Sunrise of the 80’s(2007) – hosted on registration is required


Street of Memories(2006) – hosted on registration is required

Behind the portrait of Dorian Grey(2005)

Female anatomy study(2004)